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ENGELS The professional dev

The professional development of teachers and the pedagogy of teacher education

Books by Fred Korthagen in English (with co-authors)

Korthagen, F.A.J., Kim, Y.M., & Greene, W.L. (Eds.) (2013). Teaching and Learning from Within: A Core Reflection Approach to Quality and Inspiration in Education. New York/London: Routledge.

Russell, T. & Korthagen, F.A.J. (Eds.) (1995). Teachers who teach teachers: Reflections on teacher education. London: Falmer Press.

Korthagen, F.A.J., Kessels, J., Koster, B., Lagerwerf, B. & Wubbels, T. (2001). Linking practice and theory: The pedagogy of realistic teacher education. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.(Translated into German, Czeck, Japanese, and Korean)

Fred Korthagen's research has focused on a number of related areas:1. The professional development of teachersWell-known is the three-level model of teacher learning (Gestalt, schema, theory).2. The pedagogy of teacher educationFred Korthagen and his colleagues developed the realistic approach to teacher education, and they carried out several research studies on the effects of this approach, published in international journals.3. The promotion of reflection in teacher educationThe ALACT model for reflection is now in use in almost all teacher education programs in the Netherlands, and in many other places internationally. The ALACT model describes the process of reflection, and the so-called onion model the content levels of reflection.4. The professional development of teacher educators and the education of teacher educatorsAlready early in the 1990's Fred Korthagen and his colleagues developed an educational program for the development of teacher educators. Teaching teachers ('second order teaching') requires from educators many additional qualities compared with teaching in school ('first order teaching').

The ALACT model of reflection

The onion model (Full name: model of levels of change)


Professional Development

Make the program follow the learning, not vice versa (Donaldson & Marnik)

Evelein, F. G. & Korthagen, F.A.J. (2015). Practicing core reflection: Activities and lessons for teaching and learning from within. New York/London: Routledge.

Lunenberg, M., Dengerink, J. & Korthagen, F. (2014). The professional teacher educator: Roles, behaviour, and professional development of teacher educators. Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei: Sense Publishers.

Google scholar:Fred Korthagen's most cited publications(click here)